An IT asset has no real, definable and transferable value as long as it only remains in the original developer's brain.

The LOGITAS Deposits must therefore include files, documentation, procedures, documented scripts, etc. in order to encompass the entire existing knowledge of that asset. It must contain what would be required by a new development team to be able to retrieve the main concepts and the ability to perform maintenance of the software without any help from the original or previous team.

As well as the previously mentioned elements, this may also include custom developments to facilitate development and maintenance, code generators, testing procedures, remote deployment tools, bug history databases, reference databases, etc.

Creating such deposits will increase the IT asset's value and durability as it will be more independent on the current development teams and the current legal structure of the Owner Company.

The Deposits will also provide assurance for investors such as venture capital companies, common share holders, potential acquirers etc. The Deposits will also play an important role in due diligence performed in the case of a total or partial transfer of ownership by creating a manifest physical version of the IT Asset.

Finally the Deposits will offer a liquidator a more reliable asset to propose to potential acquirers than simply a list of existing End Users, particularly when the development team has left and the computers may have been repossessed by the Leasing Company.