Deposit procedure

The best way is to contact LOGITAS for a detailed presentation of the main concepts and the process involved. This presentation can be by phone, email or in a face-to-face meeting. This page is a summary of the procedure.

Escrow procedure has to be adapted to each software specificities, even if the main steps remain are mainly unchanged:

Affidavit draft:

For the first deposit, LOGITAS usually visits the Depositor's offices to prepare the "Honor Declaration" draft on-site. A LOGITAS engineer visits the Depositor's offices to meet the relevant designers and developers in order to explain what is at stake and the details of the LOGITAS process. Then the LOGITAS engineer and relevant Depositor's designers and developers create the draft of the future "Honor Declaration" together. This is the Honor Declaration which will accompany the deposit. It will include the action plan jointly agreed by the Depositor and LOGITAS and will define what is to be prepared by the Depositor:

This document will remain a draft until the deposit is verified and delivered to LOGITAS. It is initially created on the LOGITAS engineer's laptop and then given to the Depositor. He/she will be entitled to modify and improve it for the period preceding the final LOGITAS verification. This Honor Declaration will therefore become the final Deposit's technical description as well as its inventory.

When the Depositor's and LOGITAS' offices are geographically distant, or when updating a Deposit, the Depositor may prepare the "Honor Declaration" draft and email it to LOGITAS. By return, LOGITAS will send any comments, complementary questions and requests or its final agreement. Once the Depositor receives this final agreement he/she will prepare the deposit material for the LOGITAS validation appointment or send it to LOGITAS if no validation is envisioned.

Escrow preparation:

LOGITAS prints and signs the relevant Escrow Agreement then sends it in duplicate to the Depositor who will sign and keep it until the deposit is validated and delivered to LOGITAS.

The Depositor burns a single copy of the deposit, according to the checklist in the previously established "Honor Declaration".

Previously, the LOGITAS standard Escrow Agreement may have been discussed and modified to take into account any specific requirements of the Depositor, End Users or Authorized Third Party.

For the initial deposit, we suggest creating a "LOGITAS Deposit" directory to contain all the components to be deposited. This directory will be used to validate the Deposit and will then be burned in the presence of LOGITAS staff on CD-ROM, DVD, Tape, or any standard media.

Escrow control:

LOGITAS comes to the Depositor's offices (except if specifically otherwise agreed due to the distance of the Depositor's location) to receive the deposit by hand and to validate it on the Depositor's previously prepared test environment, and according to the terms of the previously defined action plan.

During this step the Honor Declaration may still be modified to correct, augment or improve it when verifying the Deposit content and the installation, build and deployment procedures. The End Users and/or Authorized Third Party may attend the verification if formally authorized to do so by the Depositor. The definitive Honor Declaration is then printed in duplicate and signed by the Depositor engineer who prepared the Deposit and by LOGITAS who will add a handwritten comment "received in person on dd/mm/yyyy" One copy is given to the Depositor and the second one is attached to the Deposit.

The LOGITAS consultant will also give the Depositor engineer a document listing all the verification performed, remarks, advice and an action plan to improve and verify the next deposit. The final audit report will include all these comments and be used to identify all the improvements done between two deposit verification.

Deposit Certificate Diffusion:

LOGITAS produces the Deposit Certificate and sends it to the Depositor. It will include the exact list of successfully performed verifications as well as the hardware and software configuration on which the verification has been performed. The Deposit Certificate will be prepared in French or English as requested and may also be emailed in Acrobat PDF format.