A software licensee and you do not have the software's source code

You use an On-premises, SaaS, Cloud software ... and look for a real solution for continuity...

Issue: Secure investment

Risk mitigation is a sensitive issue of investment in a company which value resides in an intangible asset like software. LOGITAS designs software escrow deposit that have a sufficient technical reliability to give a materiality to the IT asset asset and make it independant persons who initialy developed it. If this software is delivered as a service or in the Cloud, the content of escrow deposits shall allow keeping the service online or even restarting it on a new infrastructure.

Le processus de préparation et de contrôle des dépôts permet de répondre à ces besoins en vérifiant que le dépôt contient non seulement le code source mais également des procédures de fabrication et de livraison documentées et plus généralement ce qui est nécessaire pour qu'une autre équipe de développement puisse en reprendre la maîtrise dans des conditions et délais raisonnables. Dans le cas de solutions Cloud, les contrôles intègrent également l'ensemble des procédures et éléments nécessaires pour assurer le déploiement et l'exploitation en production.

Invest in a company which value resides in the software that it develop or is When acquiring software you receive a user license and the Depositor provides a binary code. As you do not have the software's source code, in case of temporary or permanent Depositor default you are unable to maintain or have maintained the software.

Deposit Information Subscription Agreement

This agreement is not mandatory to benefit from a LOGITAS Software Deposit but it provides the End User to receive directly from LOGITAS the following:

You are thereby protected that all provisions and promises undertaken by your provider comply with the escrow provision agreed under completion of the license and/or maintenance agreement. In addition you now have the capacity to resort to help in case of provider failure.