Software Publisher overview

LOGITAS® system turns the constraint of a source code escrow into an opportunity by building and validating escrow deposits that bring added value on many strategic issues: IP Protection, know-haw continuity, reassure customers, partners, investors ...

If you are a software publisher and you want to:

  • Protect your Intellectual Property
  • Provide business continuity garantees
  • Respond to the default provisions required by your customers or partners


The initial aim for a first software deposit is usually to answer maintenance default provision required by End users. LOGITAS Inc. will help you to build software deposits which, above that basic requirement, will generate value at any stage of your software life:

Contractual organisation

As the Escrow Agreement is signed between the Depositor and LOGITAS for one software as a whole (including all versions and end users specific developments) it is of no use to escrow any end user specific version and thus to pay for each beneficiary. If required End Users may assert their right by submitting to LOGITAS their relevant license/maintenance agreement guaranteeing them the access to the source code release procedure (escrow provision). Current and future Deposit requirement are dealt at once with a sole software deposit preventing from source code dissemination.

The LOGITAS® Escrow Agreement clearly defines trigger events and source code release procedure to let no room to misinterpretation.

You may offer your End Users special provisions about the access and use of the deposited material within the frame of your License or Maintenance agreement. LOGITAS will execute them by priority to the Escrow Agreement.

Financial Terms

LOGITAS financial conditions are published here and based on an annual flat package fee including a yearly intervention on the development location that validates the deposited material.


LOGITAS® deposits are made in double and vaulted at two different location satisfying security and storage standards consistent with the state of the art, in North America and\or Europe. You remain free in choosing your business partners.

Deposit procedure

The deposit procedure includes the 4 following steps:

At the anniversary date of the contract, LOGITAS will contact you to organize the deposit update.

Read more about the Deposit process